The Ohio Academy of Audiology (OAA) honors Julie S. Kelly, audiologist and founding member of the Northern Ohio Academy of Audiology through the Julie S. Kelly Memorial Audiology Scholarship. The Academy awards a $1000 scholarship to an exceptional student enrolled in a Doctor of Audiology program within the State of Ohio. Selection of scholarship recipients is conducted annually by a scholarship committee of OAA members and is based on academic achievement, overall personal achievement, and personal goals regarding the field of audiology.

Julie S. Kelly

Julie Kelly was an exceptional audiologist committed to the profession, academic achievement and  patient care. She was a leader in the Ohio Academy of Audiology and was instrumental in its success.  She also spearheaded the development and organization of  the Midwest Audiology Conference (MAC), a multi-state audiology conference partnership with Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky and in the transition to Ohio’s own audiology conference, the OAC. In addition to being a consummate professional, Julie valued family and treated friends like family. She was full of life and always encouraged other people to get involved…whether getting them onto the dance floor at a party or onto the board of a professional association! Julie was both loved and respected by all who knew her.  Her larger than life personality and beautiful smile continues to warm the hearts of those who had the privilege to cross paths with her. Although she lost her courageous battle with pancreatic cancer on March 26, 2000, her memory lives on in those she encouraged to get involved and in the leadership she provided for audiology in the State of Ohio. Julie would be proud to be associated with the recipients of this scholarship named in her honor.

Past scholarship recipients:


  • 2019 Breanna Hart, Ohio University
  • 2018 Erin Lynch, Ohio University
  • 2017 Caitlin Donovan, Ohio State University 
  • 2016 Courtney Collins, Northeast Ohio Au.D. Consortium, Kent State University

  • 2015 Daniel Adams, University of Cincinnati

  • 2014 Matthew Brady, University of Cincinnati

  • 2013 Jessica Middaugh, Ohio State University

  • 2012 Kyle Shepard, Northeast Ohio Au.D. Consortium, University of Akron

  • 2011 Gregory Verzumo, Northeast Ohio Au.D. Consortium, University of Akron

  • 2010 Raina Stromberg, Northeast Ohio Au.D. Consortium, Kent State University

  • 2009 Angela Gerbasi, Northeast Ohio Au.D. Consortium

  • 2008 Kelli Wright, Northeast Ohio Au.D. Consortium, University of Akron

  • 2007 Nicole Solar, Northeast Ohio Au.D. Consortium

  • 2006 Benson Davis

  • 2005 Claudia Coleman, Ohio State University

  • 2004 Stacey Lim

  • 2003 Ursula Chaplin

  • 2002 Bonnie Bond

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