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Julie S Kelly Scholarship

The Ohio Academy of Audiology (OAA) honors Julie S. Kelly, audiologist and founding member of the Northern Ohio Academy of Audiology through the Julie S. Kelly Memorial Audiology Scholarship. The Academy awards a $2000 scholarship to an exceptional student enrolled in a Doctor of Audiology program within the State of Ohio. Selection of scholarship recipients is conducted annually by a scholarship committee of OAA members and is based on academic achievement, overall personal achievement, and personal goals regarding the field of audiology.


Voluntary OSHPAC Contribution

The Ohio Speech and Hearing Political Action Committee (OSHPAC) seeks to advance policy goals important to the practice of audiology and our membership through solicitation of personal contributions from our members for distribution to state campaigns of political candidates who share these same policy goals. A Political Action Committee (PAC) provides a means for the state association to pool funds of our members to support the re-election (or election) of candidates who support audiology issues and provides a mechanism to show these elected officials that the association’s membership is committed to participating in the political process.